Welcome to Motherhood

First off, everything is okay. Both babies look fine, though B is still measuring small. When I explained to the ultrasound tech about the cramping and the spotting and how terrified I was, she laughed. “Welcome to motherhood,” she said.


In other news, life is complete chaos. Our landlords are terminating our lease at the end of April, and the house that we put an offer on a few weeks ago is turning out to be a nightmare. There are all kinds of structural issues, not to mention asbestos in the attic, old wiring and plumbing, lead paint, etc. We’re still on the fence about moving forward vs. giving up and trying to find another house. And, of course, we are running out of time! We’ve seen at least 20 houses over the past few weeks, and while there are a couple other houses that would work, this one just seems right (massive issues aside). Complicating matters is the fact that I am in no mental or physical shape to deal with all this. I am exhausted and nauseous and mostly brain dead. I ask my husband to bring me the dish towels, then I start the laundry before he does. I dump celery salt in my tuna salad. I swear up and down that there are 56 weeks in a year. I haven’t published a post on my “real” blog in a month. Writing? Photography? No thanks. I’ll be on the couch with a pillow between my knees watching Glee.

I don’t know how you ladies with 9-5 jobs do this.

Anyway, hopefully once we get the house issue settled (which means no more trips out to the burbs, no more all-day house hunting on the weekends, no more conference calls with real-estate agents and attorneys) I’ll have a little more energy and a little less stress.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Motherhood

  1. First as a mom of 26 month old girl/boy twins, let me tell you I can relate to the pregnancy brain, the cramping, the stupid little quips people give you that in some ways belittle your concern. Everything you are going through is normal and if it wasn’t then I would question you. The fact that you are already concerned for your child and their growth and development says you are a mother and you are doing an incredible job. If you ever have questions or anything please feel free to message me.

    On your second issue, I also work in real estate and am a Property Manager. So I have dealt with lease terminations etc. If you need to talk through this you may message me. I’m happy to help with advice in anyway I can in order to relieve some of the stuff on your plate.

    From one mom to another just hang in there, it gets better and it will always have it’s up and downs, but NEVER EVER will it lack in love and happiness. God Bless

  2. I’m sorry the house you love turned out to be a lemon. I can imagine that you just want a house ASAP, but this one sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, especially since it doesn’t sound like those things could get fixed before your lease is up in April. And you definitely don’t want to live in a house with active asbestos removal going on. Do you have another place to stay while you take care of all that? If not, I would say move on.

    I’m starting to feel the effects of pregnancy brain, too. I’m getting dates wrong, forgetting things (I’ve been without facial tissue at work for 2 weeks, because I keep forgetting to take a box with me from home, even though it’s sitting right next to the door), making stupid spelling and grammar mistakes in emails and letters, and I just plain can’t function after 3 pm. I’m told this turns into baby brain, then toddler brain… and pretty much lasts the rest of your life.

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