Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support, prayers, and well-wishes. It’s been a tough weekend with a lot of tears. I am anxious to go in tomorrow, hoping like crazy that baby A is still going strong. I imagine I will feel like this every second until s/he is in my arms. 

The support of this community means so much to me. I know a few people in person who have been through infertility, but they are all on the other side. Their children are happy, healthy elementary school students or teenagers. Most of the parents hardly remember all the rigamarole involved in their conception. It is nice to think that time may heal these present wounds. That there a chance the pain will fade enough to enjoy parenthood. But I hope I never forget this particular type of wanting. I hope that I can help others, if they find themselves in these cold, dark woods. 

Each one of you who reached out over the past few days has been a guidepost to a warmer, safer place. I may not be out of the woods yet, but I think I am on my way home.

Thank you.

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