Reality Check

I’m hooked up to the milking machine and hubs is in the other room holding the boy, so now seems about as good a time for an update as any. Here’s the update: this shit is hard. Let me back up a little. R stayed in the NICU the whole time we were in the […]

He’s Here!

Rhys (pronounced Reese). Born yesterday morning at 10:44am. 6lbs 10oz. He’s in the special care unit, as his lungs weren’t quite fully mature (despite the fact that I was almost 38 weeks!). Hopefully he will join us in the room today. Hopefully I’ll get up and walk around today!

One Week to Go

Bubs will be delivered via c-section next Tuesday! I’ll be almost 38 weeks by then (37 weeks, 5 days). We decided not to wait longer because I’ve been having lots of contractions the past couple of weeks. They are Braxton Hicks, but they have been out of control a few times (like 13 an hour!), […]

28 Weeks

I haven’t been posting much, and there are a few reasons why. One is that my book is being published! It will come out in spring 2015. I am over the moon, but it’s a lot of work on top of moving into a new house and trying to prepare for parenthood. Another reason I […]

Other People’s Pain

One of my husband’s colleagues is in town for a conference, and last night he came over for dinner. We were having a normal kind of chat; you know, sex, politics, religion. Then the colleague asked if the station wagon in the driveway was mine. When we told him it was my husband’s, he looked […]