The Roller Coaster Continues

It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted. I’m now 22 weeks, and I’ve had some good stretches. Overall I have felt better in the second trimester: more energy, less nausea; I’ve even had increased libido, which has been super fun. But I’ve also had a couple of brain boiling headaches (having one […]

Other People’s Pain

One of my husband’s colleagues is in town for a conference, and last night he came over for dinner. We were having a normal kind of chat; you know, sex, politics, religion. Then the colleague asked if the station wagon in the driveway was mine. When we told him it was my husband’s, he looked […]

Hello, Hello

I’ll admit, I’m nervous about posting here. I am really blogging about pregnancy?? It seems impossible, and therefore jinx-able. But during this in-between time I’m not sure where I fit in. As an IFer, I hated reading about other people’s successes (even when I was happy for them). So to me the only option was […]